Central Florida Property Management

We thank you for considering Mid Florida Villas for your property management and vacation rentals.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who fully understand the needs of homeowners, especially absentee homeowners who require their vacation home to be cared for 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is not a part time job.

We manage properties in all central Florida locations including: Orlando, Davenport, Kissimmee, Highlands Reserve, Four Corners, etc.

This guide will introduce and explain the services we will provide for you.

Our purpose is to provide you with detailed information and a full explanation of our services.

We are a family business providing quality Property Management.

We realize you have a long term investment here in Central Florida; therefore we take our responsibilities seriously and are accountable to all of our homeowners.

Our team on board at Mid Florida Villas Property Management has experience in their own field and know what a Management Company has to do to provide a quality service in looking after your investment.

We will never forget that you have a choice and you can put your trust in us.

Our core business is looking after your property and guests.

On arrival the initial impression of the property to guests is very important.

We are a quality, responsible and trustworthy business.

We believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We build our business on trust. It is a partnership you trust us to care for your home and we trust you to pay us for these services.

Initial Procedures:

To have your property up and running and ready for business there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure that everything is in order.

  • Installation of locks and safety features as required by Florida Law for vacation homes.
  • Check that the required Emergency Lighting is in order at the property.
  • Arrange a first major clean if necessary so that the home is in pristine condition for your first guest.
  • Prepare a guide for the house with specific details to your individual home, this is provided free of charge and remains the property of Mid Florida Villas.
  • Arrange all the signs throughout your house e.g., A/C instructions, pool rules, renter’s responsibility, garbage days etc, this is provided free of charge and remains the property of Mid Florida Villas.


Monthly Accounts will be prepared for the prior month and emailed by the 10th of the following month. We will email Monthly Accounts unless we have a request from homeowners to mail these documents. We require that the Balance Owed together with Escrow Top Up is received by Mid Florida Villas no later than 10 days following the issue date of the Accounts. A 4% surcharge will be added to the following month statement if payment is not received by the requested date.

Escrow Account:

A $1,000 client account is required. This is used to pay all charges that involve your home such as pool, lawn, pest control and any repairs that may be needed as well as our monthly management fee. An additional $500 is required to be held in the client account if utility bills are being paid by Mid Florida Villas on behalf of owners. It is each owner’s responsibility to set up direct debits (bank drafts) with your US Bank to pay utilities. We can offer help and advice to do this.

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible for any services once your escrow account is depleted (NO EXCEPTIONS) unless these can be charged to your Credit Card (Visa OR MasterCard) at cost plus 3%.

Escrow Top Up Requested is due upon receipt of accounts each month.

All homeowner’s accounts must be kept in Escrow to avoid any disruption of service.

Your monthly client account will give full details of all deductible charges for services/repairs and income generated and due to you from rentals which Mid Florida Villas have administered on your behalf. The applicable taxes will be paid and the remaining balance in excess of the Escrow required to be held by each homeowner will be paid into the designated US bank account.

Bank Information:

If we will be depositing money into your personal account we will need the name of your bank and your bank account number. Some banks will not accept hand-written deposit slips, so you might want to order extra deposit slips from your bank. We will endeavor to deposit checks made payable to homeowners in a timely manner, if homeowners request that checks be deposited immediately there will be a trip charge associated with this request.

Fire Safety:

The State of Florida requires all short-term rental properties to have a certified and inspected fire extinguisher mounted within 15 feet of the kitchen. Two Storey properties require a Fire Extinguisher on the Ground Level and One on the Upper Level. Also required are smoke detectors in each room and an emergency light installed near the front door, depending on the floor plan of the property the Hotel Inspector may request a second emergency light be installed. Two Storey properties require an emergency light installed on the Ground Level and Upper Level. The fire extinguisher will be inspected and tagged each year and you will be charged accordingly.

We ensure all of the above fire safety requirements are in place on your behalf.

Liability Insurance:

You, the owner, must carry public liability insurance on your rental property in an amount of no less than $1,000,000. This will cover you in case of accidents that may occur on your property.


All properties are required to carry the following documentation and licenses as a short-term rental property:

County Tax ID $5
Occupational Licenses
Polk County $55
Osceola County $30 per year
State Short Term Rental License $170.00 per year
One-time State Application Fee $50.00

State Security Requirements:

The State of Florida requires all short-term rental homes to have the following:

  • Smoke Detectors in each room linked together.
  • Dead Bolt No-Key-Access Lock on exterior doors.
  • Certified Fire Extinguisher.
  • Certified Emergency Light.


We accept bookings on a daily basis for dates requested months in advance. We charge 15% commission on the rental for this service. When you make plans to come to Orlando to stay in your own home please give us as much advance notice as possible. We co-operate fully with owners who wish to do their own bookings.

Owner Bookings:

It is the owner’s responsibility to update the Mid Florida Villas On Line Calendar and email or fax a copy of the booking to the office immediately. If Mid Florida Villas takes a booking and have not been informed and acknowledged an owner booking Mid Florida Villas booking stands and the owner booking has to be given alternative accommodation. We require this information to be held on file in the event we have to deal with Authorities and provide information of all guests occupying the property. MID FLORIDA VILLAS CHARGES AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE of 5% FOR LOGGING OWNER BOOKINGS. If however you require us to in addition process a security deposit/rental payment with a Visa, Master Card on your behalf Mid Florida Villas charge a $20 administrative fee for processing Credit Card transactions PLUS 3% Credit Card Charge. It is at the owner’s discretion whether they take on board the credit card charge of 3% or they offset this onto their potential guest. If we are requested to process multiple credit card actions there will be additional costs associated with each transaction.


State of Florida collects 7% in Osceola, Lake and Polk for Sales Tax. The Osceola County Tourist Tax is 6%, Lake County is 4% and Polk County is 5%. These tax rates are always subject to change and are paid on all rental income. Taxes are due at the end of each month. Both taxes are deducted from your rental income and paid on your behalf. Owners booking their own homes are responsible for paying sales and tourist taxes on income personally received and this has to be reported to us by the 10th of each month. Otherwise, we assume zero income for tax purposes.

Guest Check-in Policy:

Guests are given directions (OWNER BOOKING GUESTS ARE GIVEN THE DIRECTIONS BY THE OWNER) – (MID FLORIDA VILLA BOOKING WE ARE RESPONSIBLE IN ISSUING DIRECTIONS) to get them from the airport to their vacation home. There is a lock box installed on the outside of the home near the front door. The guest will be given the combination to retrieve the key inside and alarm code if necessary. A Welcome Book providing important emergency telephone numbers and other information such as recommended eating places and golf courses is available in all properties and also provides all of our relevant telephone numbers. It is highly recommended that the guests read the Welcome Book. We request that guests contact us once they get to the villa so that we know they have arrived and we can answer any immediate questions. We can also provide a meet and greet service and visit the home the day after the guests arrive (except Sundays) to introduce ourselves and walk through general points about the house. All check-ins should be after 4pm unless prior arrangements have been made for an early arrival. This gives the housekeepers enough time to clean and set up the house for the next guests.

Guest Check-out Policy:

All guests are required to checkout by 10am unless prior arrangements have been made in advance. Owners who grant their guests a late checkout must let Mid Florida Villas know at least 3 days before the departure date otherwise the owners will incur a surcharge of $40.00 this is the cleaning company fee for the time wasted turning up at the villa and are unable to clean. Re-scheduling of these cleans will be done at the first available opportunity. Guests are asked to replace anything damaged or broken otherwise we will use part/all of their security deposit to replace it.

No early check in or late check out will be possible on same day changeover of guests – no exceptions.


We offer the highest standard of cleaning services. Your home will be thoroughly cleaned and the following items left in the home and these are included in the cleaning fee; new roll of toilet paper, bar of hand soap in each bathroom, 2 blocks of dishwasher soap, paper towel roll and 1 trash can liner. This is a starter pack only – guests are expected to supply their own after that. The homes are self-catering.

Real Estate:

If you are purchasing a new home we can represent you during your absence by supervising the construction and acting as a liaison with the builder during construction. We will do the official walk through with the builder upon completion of the house.

We have assisted many clients to do a full refurbishment of their current home/re-sale purchase or brand new home in totally project managing the whole task of setting up their vacation home with furnishing and all necessities to make that house a working vacation villa/rental property to executive standards.

With the experience and contacts we have acquired here in Central Florida, we can save you time and most of all money.

Mid Florida Villas work closely with Licensed Realtors who have operated in the local area for many years.
Whether you are buying or selling a home they can offer a personalized and professional service.
They specialize in short-term rentals; vacation homes; town homes and condominiums.
They will guide you, your family or your friends through the process and way beyond that to ensure that your transaction is stress free and an enjoyable experience.

Routine Maintenance Programme:

As a premier property management company we conduct a routine maintenance programme for each house. This ensures that all necessary preventive maintenance is carried out to maintain your home to the highest standard such as servicing of pool heaters, air conditioning units, cleaning of pool furniture, pool screen cleaning etc. We tailor this to each home through discussion with you the owners to average these one off charges out to help eliminate too much fluctuation in charges throughout the year, other than sudden repairs.

The prices are correct as at the date of this agreement and may be subject to change due to rises in taxation, fuel, costs of materials or inflationary increase. The company shall, to the best of its ability, forewarn the owner of any impending increases in writing.

All charges are standard charges once initial start up procedures and costs have been undertaken and paid for.

Maintenance Charges:

Any maintenance work will be charged at a labour rate of $40.00* per hour plus materials. Only minor work or routine scheduled work will be carried out without the owner’s permission. Any maintenance work or household purchases more than $300.00 will require the owner’s permission, unless in emergencies then Mid Florida Villas will have the authorization to fix any problems which might arise.

Lawn Service and Yard (Garden) Maintenance:

Our services include lawn cutting and trimming on a regular basis. Our charges remain the same even though during the summer months we cut weekly, during the winter months we may only cut twice a month. If during the year there are extended drought periods, lawns will not be cut to minimize burn damage to the surface and root bed. We will feed your lawn and treat it for weeds and ensure your irrigation system is running to full advantage. Includes but is not limited to cutting, edging, trimming, blowing and pruning of hedges.

Trimming of trees, mulching, weeding of garden area and driveways and fertilizing are done at an extra charge when required.

Pest Control/ Termite Inspection and Bonding:

Your house will be sprayed and / or chemically treated for bugs inside and out at regular intervals. This will keep your home free of insects and bugs, a free call out service is included should any problems arise outside the normal service.

Termite Inspection Bonding. A yearly inspection of the property is highly recommended which will ensure that the property remains free of termite damage and also retains a bond with the termite company for insurance protection should such damage occur.

Pool Care:

Your pool will be checked weekly for chemicals, brushed or vacuumed as required, in addition to maintaining your pool our services include a basic hose down of the deck.

Pool Heat:

We advise that all homeowners purchase a pool blanket and pool reel, this assists with pool water temperature and heating costs during colder months.

Monthly Service Fees

Monthly Maintenance
Caretaker Service – monthly check of property $45
Management Service $120
Lawn – in certain sub-divisions, home owners associations fee covers this service. $80
Pool Service $85
Pest Control – interior and exterior $30
AC Filter Change – this service is carried out when needed No Charge
Yard Weed Spraying – in certain sub-divisions, home owners association fees coveres this service $35 Bi-monthly
Lawn Pesticide and Fertilizing – in certain sub-divisions, home owners association fees coveres this service $60 Bi-monthly
Cleaning Charges
3 Bedroom $95
4 Bedroom $110
5 Bedroom $125
6 Bedroom $150
7 Bedroom $165

Houses with over 4 bathrooms will be charged an additional $15 per bathroom.

Houses with garages used as games rooms will be charged an additional $15.

There is no charge to turn on or turn off the pool heat

Reservations & Websites:

All our villas are marketed through our company website, if this option is what you require, with an availability calendar, pictures and a 360 degree virtual tour of the home. We are happy to provide you with this tour on CD for your own use to show people and incorporate on your own website for direct marketing.

Mid Florida Villas Web Site

Virtual Tour $190.00
Set-up availability Calendar $20.00

These are all one-off fees

Any updated changes are subject to a charge.

We encourage most of our owners to manage their own bookings; we will initially help you set this all up with lots of advice free of charge. Most of our owners prefer to do this – they control their own bookings and manage their own income, pay their own sales and tourist tax and rely on us to take care of their home, guest and provide additional bookings through our booking service, for which we take a commission of 15%.

We will recommend successful major villas search sites for your home; some have annual fees, some take a percentage of the rental fees if they secure a booking for you. The secret to this game is to let EVERYBODY know about your wonderful villa and we will take care of the villa to ensure that it meets their expectations when they arrive.

An example of one of the web sites we recommend that villas are advertised on is the VRBO website (www.vrbo.com). This website is used by Canadians and US families to locate a property for their vacation and costs $325 per year. The home is advertised in the Disney area and also by specific community. This is a widely used website and usually well worth the investment.

Personal Website

However, some people just donate have the time to take on this additional task – trying to secure quality bookings and managing their monthly sales and tourist tax returns and would prefer us to take this matter over for them.

To provide this service we need to construct a website for your individual home. This enables you and us to capture as many opportunities as possible to market your home. The cost of this website to be constructed by Mid Florida Villas is a one-off fee of $395.00

This website is designed with on average 5 pages of information about your property and includes:

  1. The home page. This is an overview of the home
  2. Photos and a visual tour of the home
  3. Details of the location of the villa and amenities close to the villa and around Disney
  4. Rates, availability, extras available, guest comments, online quote for the stay
  5. Contract page. A direct line using an email address directed to our reservation desk

Website hosting will cost approximately $180 per year for the web space and email account. This email account will forward to us to manage and secure these booking for your specific villa.

Our hosting company works closely with us to ensure that our homes are ranked highly in major search engines.
We are happy to work with you either way, your choice.

Andrew & Bernadette Gilchrist